Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to go to school or complete certifications before I can book travel?
No school or certifications are required. As soon as you enroll you will receive all of the credentials you need, as well as access to training and the ability to book travel with our worldwide vendors.

2. Do I have any quotas or business requirements to meet each month?
No. There are no quotas or requirements that you as a business owner must meet.  This is your business to work as you wish, if you stay within compliance of the companies that we partner with. 

3. How do I get leads?
For those that choose to become business partners with me, I will guide you through various techniques and strategies to grow your business both online and offline. You will learn how to capitalize on what your friends, family and total strangers are already doing, traveling. 

4. What if I don’t travel, can I be successful?
You will have unlimited access to online training to learn about all destinations around the world. These detailed trainings help you learn and leverage, even without having visited the destination your client is interested in. There are travel agents that book cruises but have never cruised, book flightsbut they have never flown, even put together itineraries with the help of our vendors without ever having visited the destination country.  If you are willing to do the work, you can be successful.

5. Everyone I know prefers to book their own travel online, what does that mean for me?
As a part of your travel business you will receive your own website where people can visit to book their travel if that is what they prefer. You will still earn the commissions.

6. Am I under any contract, or am I able to close my business if I choose to do so?
This is 100% your business, you are an independent contractor. You can cancel at any time. Don’t forget about the 100% money back guarantees, provided by our Host Travel Agency.